We help Australian super funds with member engagement strategy and web and mobile applications designed to retain super fund members, increase product and advice response rates, and reduce cost to serve.

Super funds face multiple challenges, from increasing competition for members (particularly from retail banks) to constant regulatory changes. But one thing funds are not traditionally good at is providing content and services that genuinely attract and engage members.

Super is a tough sell for most members, particularly younger demographics. As a result, most members engage rarely with their funds’ online services and fewer still are actively engaged.

But our research has consistently shown that this low engagement has a significant cost.

Members with non-existent or low engagement with their fund are much more likely to churn when they change jobs or seek out financial advice from external, non-fund advisors. Higher engaged members are more likely to stay with their current fund on change of job, particularly if they have access to high quality user experiences, content and services that they’ll lose in moving to a new default fund.And fast, simple access to advice becomes important as members get older and life events come thick and fast.

But all of this requires some new thinking about what is truly valuable to members, and what devices they prefer to access different kinds of services.

Superapps is Andrew Coates. Andrew has helped numerous major companies with their online and mobile engagement and innovation strategies, and also has a deep background building start-ups in the entertainment and financial services sectors. Andrew has worked closely with Australian Super, Mercer, AMP, WA Super and REI Super on digital strategy, implementation and delivery.

We’d like to help more funds think and act like digital media companies – where digital engagement is core to value for both members and funds.