ANZ thinking like a media company to increase customer engagement


Amanda gome

ANZ has appointed a publisher with deep content experience to lead it’s digital social media strategy.  Amanda Gome (above) has lead a variety of offline and online business and media companies and content brands and knows all about how to use content to drive audience engagement.  Applying this to ANZ’s scale and reach is a great validation of a bank thinking like a media company to upsell existing engagement into high value content as well as using rich content to help attract and engage potential new customers.

Our view is this is absolutely something funds should pay attention to in terms of translating mostly passive reach into tangible member engagement to mitigate churn and drive quality leads into premium products and services.  Most funds have access to an abundance of great content but the challenge is connecting this to the right people at the right time given the nature of the product and the low engagement base.  This is something a good online publisher with the right digital tools (like content personalisation and social media targeting/analytics) knows how to do.